“Don't work with Julie unless you're ready to heal.”

Plain and simple, Julie Mermelstein saved my ass. Julie assisted me in bringing clarity and focus back into my life after sixteen years of substance abuse. Julie helped light a path for me at a time when I could not see, lost in my own self-induced fog. Julie brought me to my first meeting, and has continually assisted and inspired me to "keep coming back". With four years of sobriety under my belt I know my challenge is not over, but I have one of my greatest allies in Julie. She has been a phenomenal Sobriety Coach for me. I cannot give enough gratitude to her for all that she has done and been in my life. Warning! Don't work with Julie unless you're ready to heal. She's sweet, she's funny, and she means business. Her arsenal is one packed with years of experience on both sides of the sobriety fence. If you're ready to turn your whole world inside out, then Julie is the coach for you.

— Grateful Recovering Addict

“Your life WILL change for the better.”

The thing that's so great about Julie's work is that she has an uncanny knack for walking in other peoples' shoes. Somehow she's cornered the market on empathy and I don't think you can truly help someone without it. It comes naturally for her. She stops and she really thinks about how you feel and then the rest just follows. She gives advice that you can actually APPLY in YOUR situation. The other thing about working with Julie is that it's such a safe environment - no judgment. Wherever you are with her, you're free and encouraged to let go of everything and just be in the moment with her. If you're ready for the work and being truly honest with yourself - she sees what it is that you need and she'll address it head on in a way that you can understand. It's an incredibly freeing feeling - to truly be SEEN - and the place she creates for you as you open up and see things through different eyes with her will stay with you. You'll hear her voice in the most positive way and the tools she'll give you will stay with you long after you've left her. Your life WILL change for the better.

— Acting Coach & Casting Executive

“Julie has been such a gift in my life and especially as a source of support in my personal growth and healing. She is so compassionate, wise, and loving. She also has a great sense of humor. She always has an open heart and an attentive ear to listen when I need someone to talk to. Her dedication to her own growth is unwavering and it inspires so many people.”

Spiritual psychology graduate student

“You are one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life"

— Former Client/Recovering Addict

"I always felt God in the room in our sessions"

— Anonymous

“We are truly grateful.”

Julie has been instrumental in helping our newly blended family navigate through the traumas brought on by my stepson's alcoholic mother. Her knowledge, insight and caring approach continue to be invaluable to us. We are truly grateful for her help.

— Anonymous Stepmother

“Her words helped guide me.”

Julie M. has helped me on countless occasions see through the chaos my emotions created. She has uprooted assumptions resting on fear and given me a new way to examine them, given me a new place to plant the existing situations. Her words helped guide me to solutions where before there were none. Thanks Julie!

— Health Educator and Hat Designer

“I cannot think of a better life coach to have than Julie.  She possesses a loving and caring spirit that enables her to guide you in a manner that leaves you feeling encouraged, strong and dignified.  She listens with her heart and is alert to others’ weaknesses.  She is excellent at pinpointing problem areas and gently revealing the avenues available for change.  Having her in my life is a reminder that I can be a better person.  I wish she lived in my head, all day, every day.”

Manager of Domestic Licensing for Music Company

“We can carve out our own paths.”

Working with Julie has been an integral part of my recovery over the past 6 years. As a life coach, she is extremely versatile, utilizing various therapy methods (cognitive behavioral therapy, family of origin work, 12-steps , etc) which makes a well rounded recovery process. Most significantly, Julie is a living example that instead of accepting what society has taught us to expect and/or deemed important, we can carve out our own paths and decide for ourselves what it means to live a fulfilling life.

— Publicist

“I have a new lease of life.”

You have helped me tremendously and I feel like I have a new lease on life. You have given me a lot of great tools to use and I feel like I have my life rolling again.

— Anonymous

“I feel very lucky.”

I’ve been working with Julie for over a year now (which as flown) and I hardly recognize the person I was at the start of the program.  Yet, all these changes have been subtle, accumulating over time through Julie’s careful, loving attention. 

She always comes prepared and spiritually centered to deal with my issues.  Her careful listening is balanced with the offering of solutions from her own life, which always puts my blocks in perspective.  Not only does she work to solve my issues, put also allows me to see a more “global” perspective to what ails me.  The result is that I never feel isolated, but rather connected to a greater world of healing and spirituality of which she is on the leading edge.

I can’t say enough about the quality of Julie’s work, attention, and presence.  I feel very lucky to have her in my life, as part of a growing support system that has consistently allowed me to find my truth in a non-judgmental, healthy way. 

— Cinematographer

“Julie has a cool head and a warm heart. She has the ability to provide emotional support while offering sound advice and solid approaches to making positive changes in life. She has helped me to be strong at a time in my life when I needed not only emotional guidance, but ways to find inner-strength to make some really tough decisions. Her help has given me a positive self-image and the knowledge that I can accomplish my goals and live a healthy and productive life on my own terms.”

Freelance Public Relations Specialist & Mother

“You're irreplaceable.”

— Former Employer

“I have a new lease of life.”

Before I participated in Julie's group, I had been in therapy, either individual or group for a good part of my adult life. More recently, I have begun practicing Kundalini yoga and now teach it. The combination of a physical workout and the spiritual practice have been very effective for me. However I am someone who very much enjoys the dynamics of a talking group with women. In a short period of time, the combination of Julie's 5 week group with readings, meditations and exercises has cut through some major blocks for me. I have seen results. in my yoga teaching practice, as well as personal parts of my life. Julie provides a safe place to dare to dream again and begin to make those dreams a reality.

— Lee, Yoga Teacher, Social Worker

“I had never experienced such healing.”

I began working with Julie during a really painful time in my life when my husband and I recently separated and we began sharing custody of our young daughter. On each of the nights my daughter spent away from me, I felt a deep void and a sadness I believed I would never escape. I thought to myself "How will this [situation] ever be okay… it will never stop hurting…" After taking part in a meditation exercise with Julie I experienced an actual healing of that wound. After working with Julie, the deep void and sadness I felt on those nights was removed. I had never experienced such a rapid and palpable healing of an emotional wound – I believe that there are people who have the gift to heal others… Julie is one of those people.

— Lawyer & My Life Recovery Group Member

“She's a mental ninja.”

— Anonymous

“Julie's openess about her personal struggles and experience as an AA & Al-anon member gives her a great, applaudable advantage. Her exuberant warmth shadows her stand-up comic personality which I'd love to see more of.”


“I was able to find that missing piece.”

This woman rocked my world and assisted me in coming to terms with myself. I have struggled my entire life to be able to find the 'me' within that I have always felt I lacked. There was always a piece missing. I have been in psychotherapy for a significant period of time and it was not until having the experience of being involved in one of her group processes that I was able to find that missing piece. Julie presents with such a strong empathetic, direct, and honest approach in her interactions. Her compassion allowed me to be vulnerable, which is the last behavior anyone close to me would expect to witness. This is what I was most grateful for. Her ability to model such an openness was beneficial to the women in this group. She was with us every step of the way as we turned ourselves inside out to find the inner beauty and strength t hat we needed to become aware of. I have not EVER in my life had such an enlightening experience or found more peace within myself. I continue to use what I have learned from this experience in my everyday routine. I will always be grateful to you Julie. Thank you.

— Therapist

“She helped me to lift the heavy stuff off my soul.”

I found working with Julie so freeing and nurturing.  I was in need of a group experience, and the women’s group she facilitates gently, yet intensely seemed to get everybody  where they needed to be.  Julie is so kind, and listens in such a way that you feel really, truly heard. We didn’t all need to become best friends, we needed to hear each others stories, take from the group what we needed and move through, in my case, some real blocked places. She’s like a mom, therapist, best friend, motivator, teacher, listener all rolled into this delicious, non-judgmental  goddess!!! She knows how to listen and laugh with you and quite frankly she helped me to lift the heavy stuff off my soul in a way that feels “doable”. Books, quotes, meditations that feel so good!! Got me back in my body.  My addiction to busyness and the need to be in control is more manageable and my inner, happy child has resurfaced thanks to Julie! A simple exercise helped me find that lovely, lovely place and now I know how to “get there” on my own.  Thanks Julie too, for reminding to celebrate me and my successes and always disclosing enough of your sweet self to make us feel like we are not alone. 

— Actress