People who are wrapped up in themselves make very small packages.
— Anonymous

A Woman’s Retreat
Facilitated by Julie Mermelstein, LMFT

A Woman’s Retreat is a six-week intensive internal day spa to restore, rediscover and reawaken your authentic self. Through writing, individual and group coaching, reading, self-discovery exercises, guided meditation, and group discussion, your life vision and purpose will be explored while your body and spirit are being recharged. This six-week intensive workshop is an empowering experience that will help align you with your spiritual warrior and let go of all that does not serve you.


If you are...

  • A people pleaser.

  • Burnt out or stuck.

  • Overwhelmed.

  • Having trouble putting yourself first.

  • Unclear about your limits and boundaries.

  • Unable to take time to rest and let go.

  • Dealing with chronic stress and health issues.

.... then A Woman’s Retreat will help address these issues and bring you back into your body and your life. You deserve this gift to yourself.

Group dates and times to be determined, please contact me if you’re interested.

I take comfort that aging happens to everybody.  It connects me with the human race.  Like weather bringing people together, aging brings people together.
— Diane Lane