The goal of My Life Recovery is to improve your life and implement change. It involves a partnership between therapist and client that supports your personal growth.

Through the use of specifically designed questions, life plans, homework, and therapeutic support, I assist you in moving through obstacles. When you make a commitment to change and take responsibility for your life, anything is possible. MLR  may affect your physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

The way in which My Life Recovery practice differs from traditional therapy is that it is more action-oriented. There is less emphasis placed on the past events of your life.

The goal is to focus on the present and to transform old thoughts and behaviors into new insights and achievements, while we address your past and current issues as needed. I have found taking contrary action when people are depressed, anxious, in fear, trying to get sober or are just plain stuck can move mountains. Knowing why we do what we do is an intellectual state of being, doing something active to change it is where I have seen my clients shift.


Just as a physical trainer might put you on a diet and workout routine, I provide my clients with a life workout that will build internal and spiritual muscles, helping you move through life with a lot less strain. There is no magic potion to any of this — I believe everyone has all the tools and answers within themselves to have the best life possible, and sometimes they just need someone to push and cheer them on.


I encourage clients to commit to at least 3-6 months to start and meet weekly or every two weeks depending on the level of need. I also communicate with clients by phone, email, FaceTime, and Skype, so, don’t let distance deter you from inquiring about My Life Recovery.

I’m resourceful, creative and I use a lot of humor in my work, working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. No matter where you might be in your journey with sobriety, I have the expertise to help you begin, maintain or deepen your recovery process.

I take a very holistic and integrated approach to substance abuse recovery. I believe in addressing all aspects of a person’s life to help them attain emotional sobriety in addition to substance abuse recovery.